Holiday Show: Home is Where the Art is

Two show displays on the top and some holiday tins and watercolor cards on the bottom.

I had the pleasure of participating in the Home is Where the Art is Holiday show at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, and also two holiday pop up sales. I had a variety of holiday themed items, and greeting and post cards… and some other random items as on of them was a seconds sale as well. I was truly blown away by the response I got from selling the watercolor cards. I sold out all the post cards each time and most all of the greeting cards.

It gave me a massive ego boost, lol, but also some much needed insight on what people enjoy buying at art shows around here, and even got feedback on what cards they liked the best and a request to offer sets of cards. I’m becoming heavily involved with an art tour and show coming up next May and already need to be thinking about having prints made and -gasp- actually making art to sell and show.

This will be the last show I will be doing for a while. I’ve got a lot of teaching to focus on coming up plus boring things to think about like taxes and point of sale systems. I do plan to do a winter art mega post soon as well. Better late than never!

Fall Art Camp Mega Post

My project samples clockwise from top left: Mixed Media Bird’s Nest, (center) Mixed Media Bee Hives, Giant Moon Landscape, Pallet knife Pumpkin, and Thunderstorm on 10″ x 20″

I usually like to take the time to write out nice instructions and have a single post with a single direction, but I’ve been pretty busy this season with various projects. You know how you have a burst of energy, and volunteer for too many activities? That might have happened. Yes, I think it did happen. Art blogging fell way back along the wayside. So, I present in one giant chunk, the various acrylic and mixed media projects from the past Fall Kid’s Camp Sessions in October. Tried to stick a PRO-tip in each one.

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All Fired Up! Ceramics Show in Ben Lomand California

Some pieces at the reception plus BONUS awkward selfie.

I post a lot of mixed media and acrylic paintings here, but another huge passion of mine is ceramic art. I just realized recently I’ve been doing ceramics for over ten years (shocker in gloom town), however, with major gaps in work. Mainly due to cost or convenience. Clay can be an expensive habit.

I recently joined the Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center in Ben Lomand, though, and have gotten to play in the dirt again. The folks there have been super welcoming and accepted some of my pieces into the current All Fired Up! ceramics show running through October 26th in the Thomas Gallery.

More entries to the show and a detail of some jewelry.
I’m a real boy!

If you’re in the area, stop by and support local artists! If you’re looking for a studio for ceramics, I highly recommend Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center. They have ongoing classes and workshops throughout the year, check them out!

Contact Paper Resist Stars and Moons, Summer Camp Week 6 day 2

Contact paper resist stars and moons. My samples top left, the rest are awesome student examples.

I first came across the idea of using contact paper as a resist when refinishing some furniture. I’ve since done several different versions of resists, some with mixed media, like my Birds and Words project. I like the idea of having one for each season so, in addition to redoing the leaves for fall like once before, and snowflakes for winter! Having a sample to show this project is essential. It can be hard for some younger kids to wrap their heads around what we are trying to do with the project, but peeling off the “stickers” to reveal the final project is always magical, and who doesn’t love a little splatter painting? So now: Contact Paper Resist Stars and Moon.

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Kawaii Fruits & Veggies! Summer Camp Week 6 Day 1

Kawaii Fruits & Veggies. My sample top left, the rest are some of the kiddos work.

Kawaii; from the Japanese word for cute. Not to be confused with kowai; meaning creepy or scary! Cute faces adorn most of the kiddos favorite healthy foods. I did have one purist, however, who just wanted still life fruit for her painting. Either way, this was a hit. I present Kawaii Fruits & Veggies!

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Paper Roll Figures, Summer Week 5

My paper roll figure samples.

This project I first did over a year ago, but it always gets requests. “When can we do the toilet paper people??” The samples sit in the kid’s studio and they love to play with them, and some tend to get legs and walk away… but I digress.

I have samples on hand to show the kids and I usually also print out some other reference and samples on request. I also have templates of the basic shapes – tails, wings, horns etc. I set out pencils to trace out the details, masking tape to attach, and paper plates to cut out the shapes. [I have tried thicker cardboard before, but the littler kiddos have a hard time cutting through it.] To finish them off I set out yarn for hair, pipe cleaners for tails or horns, feathers, pom-poms, markers for detail work and of course googly eyes!

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Paper Cut-out Critters, Summer Week 4!

Paper cut out critters! My fish and turtle at the top, the kid’s projects below.

A nice mixed media project loosely based on Mattisse, both the goldfish bowl and his penchant for cutting out paper in his latter years, but I digress. Only a few kiddos stuck with the goldfish theme, but all in all this project went well and I’d do it again.

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Skateboards! Summer Week 3

Some of the amazing work painting skateboards that the kids did!

One of the studio’s most beloved weeks; skateboards! This project is special because unlike most projects I do which are one-off single sessions, campers work all 5 days designing and painting their boards. These are real maple wood decks that are ready to put on hardware. In the past we have primed the boards before the kids began sketching and painting. This session however, we left the boards un-primed (at my request) which allowed the awesome wood grain to show through when I varnished them. I also Allowed one side of my sample starry theme board to show the wood grain through.

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Ripped Paper Collages, Summer Week 2, Day 2

Ripped paper collages. My samples at the tops and the amazing art by the kids below.

For my second project in week 2, I was quite tired and I really did not feel like painting [read cleaning up paint lol], so I chose some ripped paper collages I have been wanting to try. It started a little rough, but the end results turned out great!

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Mixed Media Birds or Resist Words, Summer Camp Week 2 Day 1

Mixed media birds or words. My examples at the top, Some of the kid’s projects below.

The bird is the word.

For the second week for summer art camp at the studio I had some older kids, so my original plan shifted a bit. I knew I wanted to do a mixed media projects that started with ripping up newspapers, magazines and tissue paper to glue flat to a 16″ x 20″ recycled, gessoed canvas. Continue reading “Mixed Media Birds or Resist Words, Summer Camp Week 2 Day 1”