All Fired Up! Ceramics Show in Ben Lomand California

Some pieces at the reception plus BONUS awkward selfie.

I post a lot of mixed media and acrylic paintings here, but another huge passion of mine is ceramic art. I just realized recently I’ve been doing ceramics for over ten years (shocker in gloom town), however, with major gaps in work. Mainly due to cost or convenience. Clay can be an expensive habit.

I recently joined the Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center in Ben Lomand, though, and have gotten to play in the dirt again. The folks there have been super welcoming and accepted some of my pieces into the current All Fired Up! ceramics show running through October 26th in the Thomas Gallery.

More entries to the show and a detail of some jewelry.
I’m a real boy!

If you’re in the area, stop by and support local artists! If you’re looking for a studio for ceramics, I highly recommend Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center. They have ongoing classes and workshops throughout the year, check them out!