Ripped Paper Collages, Summer Week 2, Day 2

Ripped paper collages. My samples at the tops and the amazing art by the kids below.

For my second project in week 2, I was quite tired and I really did not feel like painting [read cleaning up paint lol], so I chose some ripped paper collages I have been wanting to try. It started a little rough, but the end results turned out great!

I started out by letting the kids choose a starter scene; either the sunset scene and one of the three silhouettes, or the beach scene with flip flops. For their next panel (or for some panels lol) they could choose what they wanted, and even color with markers or crayons if they chose.

Set up for the start of class. 8″x 8″ canvas panels, construction paper & colored origami paper, black drawing paper [not pictured] plus a handout for each kid.


Everyone started with an 8″ x 8″ canvas panel, a glue stick and a hand out with the flip flip shape and the silhouette choices; elephants, cactus or giraffes. Next time I do this one, I’ll do a tree that fits the whole theme instead. I ended up with a few elephants and giraffes roaming the desert…

I cut some 8.5″ x 11″ black drawing paper and also some construction paper in half horizontally with the color scheme for each project; orange, red, yellow and the black paper for the sunset; blue, light blue, white and brown for the beach.

I asked each kiddo which scene they wanted to start with for their first panel, and handed out the cut starter paper. I set out some various colors of construction paper, tissue paper and origami paper and invited the kids to choose other colors as well if they wanted or to follow the color pattern I gave them. The vast majority chose the sunset so that’s the one I did along in class.

My examples from class.

The ripping of the paper was a bit of a learning curve on how to layer them across and not up and down, and not to have any straight edges. The kids who chose the beach used crayons or markers to color their flip flops and then glued bent pipe cleaners for the straps.

For the silhouettes, I showed them how to cut out a block around the shape they wanted from the handout, then glue that to the black paper. Then they can fine cut around the shape out from the handout. Then just flip the cut out over and you have the black silhouette!

The front and back of the cut out silhouette.

{PRO-TIP} For cutting out shapes, having a handout that kids can glue to paper and cut around can really help the younger kids who might have trouble drawing, tracing and cutting.


The real magic happened after their first panel. I let them loose choosing their own colors and subjects, I also set out some older cut outs of bears that I had from a previous project. Kids also drew inspiration from paintings on the walls, and experimented with coloring on the paper as well.

Some of the projects the kids did.

This one I would do again, but with some slight changes; more cohesive scenes on different handouts, like I mentioned before, and possibly using some patterned scissors in addition to the ripping. Coming next week, skateboard art!

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