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About the Artist:

Born and raised in east Texas, Rebecca Goodman’s first artistic adventures were spent drawing on walls and making non-functional ashtrays from red clay in the yard. In a lot of ways things haven’t really changed; and although she uses a much wider and professional range of media now, she still loves to play in the dirt. From digital to acrylic, ink, or clay; working on paper, canvas, textiles or otherwise, she is always up to learn something new. If asked, however, ceramics and watercolor probably lie closest to what she might call her “favorite” media.

 With over ten years of experience in higher education, and after following the well-meaning advice of others and ignoring her years of independent art study, she received a very sensible B.S. in Information Technology. She then shifted some of her focus to digital art, photo-editing, and web design. On a whim after attending a class, she became an art teacher for adults and children at a paint and sip/kids studio while helping out on the website and technical side of things. She is also an advocate for the arts in schools and enjoyed sitting on the board of her local art center. For the past five years she has lived and worked out of Northern California, but being ever a nomad, she is currently relocating yet again.

 In addition to wanting to explore rendering realistic images, she has always used art as a way to deal with and express feelings and problems outside of her control. That might mean working out a bad drive home with a goofy doodle or processing her grandmother’s death by sculpting a detailed mask of the virgin Mary. Her current art goals include continuing her series of religious icon sculptures, finishing the myriad of watercolor portraits she has started, finding new ways to teach and share her art digitally, and maybe just maybe make a living from all of it. You can find her and her work on Instagram @beccadoesartca.

Currently Showing / Featured:

“Gifts of Art : Annual Holiday Themed Open Invitational Online Exhibit” Santa Cruz Mountains Arts Center, Ben Lomond, California, November 11 – December 24, 2020

Quarantine Zine –Leah Bury, Austin Texas, Contributor

Weird Women Co Issue #4, Oakland California, Contributor 

Previous Showings / Features:

“Afraid of the Art: Annual Art Contest & Gallery” The Sandbar Art Studio, Houston, TX, October 1- November 30, 2020

“From the Mountains to the Sea : A Themed Open Invitational Online Exhibit” Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, Ben Lomond, California, July 1–August 29, 2020

“Home is where the Art is : Our annual holiday gift exhibit” Santa Cruz Mountains Arts Center, Ben Lomond, California, October 30 – December 22, 2019

“All Fired Up: An All-ceramics Exhibit” Santa Cruz Mountains Arts Center, Ben Lomond, California, September 11 – October 26, 2019