Holiday Show: Home is Where the Art is

Two show displays on the top and some holiday tins and watercolor cards on the bottom.

I had the pleasure of participating in the Home is Where the Art is Holiday show at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, and also two holiday pop up sales. I had a variety of holiday themed items, and greeting and post cards… and some other random items as on of them was a seconds sale as well. I was truly blown away by the response I got from selling the watercolor cards. I sold out all the post cards each time and most all of the greeting cards.

It gave me a massive ego boost, lol, but also some much needed insight on what people enjoy buying at art shows around here, and even got feedback on what cards they liked the best and a request to offer sets of cards. I’m becoming heavily involved with an art tour and show coming up next May and already need to be thinking about having prints made and -gasp- actually making art to sell and show.

This will be the last show I will be doing for a while. I’ve got a lot of teaching to focus on coming up plus boring things to think about like taxes and point of sale systems. I do plan to do a winter art mega post soon as well. Better late than never!

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